The Business Awards

A category for every story

There areĀ 9 award categories in total which mainly focus on achievements over the last 12 months. Whether a dynamic entrepreneur or start up, a thriving SME, or one of Britain’s best large firms; there is an ideal category to highlight outstanding examples in all business areas.

Are you a top performing, innovative new company that is taking the nation by storm If the above ticks all your boxes then this is the award for you. The Business Awards Startup of the year recognises companies that are rising to the top of their industry in a fashionable way. We are looking to find stand out companies that show cutting edge, high flying products, service and leadership.

Exceptional imagination, innovation and boldness combined with phenomenal management process’s are all the making for the Businessman of the Year. Has your practice in these taken your Business to the a place where all targets have been broken? Success in the above demonstrates that this award is for you!

This awards distinguishes companies that bring excellent innovation to the table, whether it be a new product or a service. Entrants will be judged on how their ingenious methods have lead them to improve commercial performance, operational effectiveness or customer engagement.

Concentrating on high performing financial decisions coupled with sustained levels of growth, this awards recognises a visionary leader with outstanding dynamic and creative influences.


Recognising strong, impactful and statement making woman in business. This award showcases “outside the box” thinking Woman who are progressing in financial success, leadership and innovation with every decision and action they make.

Awards are not only reserved for large businesses. We also pay attention to the small to medium enterprises that are making massive ripples in the pond with their ingenious methods, fantastic service and contemporary products.

Standing out from the crowd in some way can be hard in the retail industry, that’s why we take pride in recognising those who do. This award will be honorably given to those who manage to beat off the competition and stay ahead of the curve, done by making movements that pave the way for a new level of standard in methods, products and service.

A truly great company goes that extra mile to provide excellent customer service. This award establishes those who give back to their customers in a unique, generous or high touch way.

Whether you’re a large 5th generation manufacturer, a small husband and wife farm shop or a cutting-edge technology company; these awards will showcase your business on a national scale.